Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've been on the fence lately about what I want to get for a tattoo on my 18th birthday . . .
However, I saw a tattoo of a literary definition that i really liked and I came up with these ideas :

life (laf). [n. F. libban f. líf .] I. The condition or
attribute of living or being alive; animate
existence. Opposed to death. (O.E.D.)

apathy (ˈa-pə-thē). [n. F. apatheia.] Indolence of mind,
indifference to what is calculated to move the feelings,
or to excite interest or action. (O.E.D.)

I'm not sure which one i'm going to do, it would be on the inside of my left bicep (or lack thereof).
It would be in Times New Roman

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