Friday, December 12, 2008

For what will we have to say for ourselves when the moment of judgement finally arrives?   Perhaps the irrefutable malice that constantly seethes from our pores will be what saves us all. Or, perhaps our good intentions are that of idle nature, and that without acting upon those intentions, we bring upon our own affliction.  For each devoted sin, have we liberated ourselves of a good deed?  Can we barter each of our moral demerits for something of equal or lesser value?  We raise our glasses higher to those who constantly transgress the world's universal moral boundaries.  

The scales of good and evil have capsized; I leave these provisions for your consideration.

1 comment:

  1. The road to hell
    They say
    Is paved with good intentions

    The road to Auschwitz
    He said
    Was paved with indifference

    The road to my house
    I say
    Will be paved with broken dreams

    The road home
    We hope
    We will pave with our beliefs

    For morals are just good intentions ignoring indifference. They are broken dreams forged into beliefs: Beliefs that no one else's dreams should be broken as yours have been.

    I, too, leave these provisions for your consideration.