Monday, December 8, 2008

I haven't bl0gg3d in a few days, so let me update you. Oh shit, my life is almost as boring as sleeping. Actually I wish that I was always sleeping, that waY I wouldn't have to deal with shit. I'd like to say that I'm just being existential, but I think it may just be called despondency. Except I'm really not even that depressed; just stressed.

The bad news: With that being said, I'm so stressed out about everything right now. I have 3 papers, 2 portfolios, and 2 exams to prepare for. It fucking $ucks. One of the papers is due tomorrow morning and I've barely started it... so i guess i'm fucked. I'm also stressed about some dumb shit that I got myself involved in with my best friend and some kid she's been seeing, so now we're not friends. And finally, I'm stressed about getting into school for next year so I can go away. I'm sure i'll get in, but as I've said many of times, the thought of having to stick around here for another year is enough to put my stomach in knots.

The good news: On the upside, I got an A on my Sociology paper that accounts for 40% of my semester grade. However, shortly after I realized that my professor is a professor at CCRI, and that English is his second language, therefore slaughtering the worth and credibility of my paper. 0h well. I've learned a few chords on my guitar this week via the internet, so that's cool. I'm S0UPT for winter break, mainly just for courtney to be home. She's the only person i like. I hope my mom goes away over break so I can have a party while everyone's home from school. If I do, you all are invited. (and by 'you all,' i mean no one, because that's who reads this).


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  1. Well, I'm reading this. But you'd probably not want to invite me anyhow.

    " now we're not friends."
    I wonder... is it better to have friends and fight with them, and maybe lose them... or to never have any at all. Maybe we could compare notes and see which position sucks more.