Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I got a new tattoo. It's the CMYK printing process except in the form of color blocks rather than converging circles. I realized that I got another tattoo that I'm going to have to explain to everyone. I'll just start saying "like a printer cartridge." People seem to better understand that.

Exams are this week; I have one tomorrow, and then one more on monday morning. My drawing professor posted final grades and I got a B+. This I was rather excited about just because none of the art professors seem to give out A's, so this is the next best thing. And, If I decide to apply for the BFA. program once I'm done with my foundation art classes, a B+ will suffice, as anything lower than a B does not make the cut. If I do apply for the BFA program, I'll probably drop my communications major, as I would be talking more related classes in photography along with the Graphic Design major.

Still seriously thinking about studying abroad next spring. If I do, It'll probably be a program in Florence. I think I'm gonna' do it... That is if I can afford it/ get enough financial aid.

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