Friday, November 28, 2008

hello hello.
So yesterday was thanksgiving, that was pretty cool. Courtney and I went to the football game to see some people from high school. It was much more awkward than expected... but oh well. If it was the awkward and at times unbearable then I can only imagine the 5 year, 10 year, 20 year reunion and so on. After that I had dinner at my house and stuff, and did the whole family thing for most of the day. Then I hung out with Courtney and Ashley, which was interesting, to say the least. I found out that my grandfather was placed back in the ICU, which really fucking sucks. I don't think it's getting any better, so i don't really know what's gonna happen. And of course my dad always says dumb shit like "i think he's coming to the end," just to be dramatic and make everyone feel like shit.

Today I did nothing all day. I talked to my dad because he picked up my new (ashley's old) guitar that was getting fixed and restrung. He's insisting that I take lessons, even though i'd kind of rather learn on my own... but I guess his idea makes much more sense. Later on in the day, Courtney and I went to American Apparel and then we all went to La Salette... it was pretty cool because I haven't been there in years. It was nice to hang out with everyone and just laugh and talk about stupid shit.

As I said before, I really want to go away to school next year. I know that I my indecisiveness often gets the best of me, causing me to change my mind about it constantly. However, this time, I really need to stick to it... I'm often apprehensive about actually going away, but I know that if I actually just do it I'll be fine; so i need to keep telling myself this.

GiRlTaLk ToMmOrRoW!

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  1. "I know that I my indecisiveness often gets the best of me, causing me to change my mind about it constantly."

    'It's just like you to try painting
    Because you're color blind
    Each time you conquer something
    That's the time you change you're mind

    And now your new preoccupations
    Give you your handicap to start
    Yes you're happiest when you're chasing clouds
    With a halfway broken heart'

    - Harry Chapin, Paint a Picture of Yourself


    I was listening to that song as I read this. The two seemed to... match to a certain extent.