Friday, January 30, 2009

i made my way down to the supermarket

Hello.  It's been a couple weeks.  The only big thing that has changed since my last post is that my car shit the bed.  However, I'm now driving my grandfather's kick-ass 07' Toyota Sienna minivan, since he'll most likely never be able to drive again.  Besides the fact that driving a minivan at my age is simply unacceptable, it's awesome.  My dad wants me to pay the monthly payments on it, which are 350 bucks, but if I'm going to pay that much money for a car, it's not going to be a minivan.  I'm going to see if I can trade it in for a toyota yaris hatchback.  That's if I don't go away to school next year.  It's happening again.  I go through these phases where I want so badly to go away to school, Boston in particular.  And then I realize how much I love Providence, and I'm right back at square one again.  Providence kicks Boston's ass ANY DAY.  The whole objective of my wanting to go away to school has been that I want to meet more people, but, more recently, i've been successively doing just that.  I really love Providence.  I don't think I'd ever feel at home in another city.  If I do end up staying, I need to get an apartment next year.  I can't continue to live at home.  And I guess now that I don't have a gas guzzling piece of shit car that's literally falling apart, then I have one less reason to want to go away.  I miss my volvo already, I have so many memories (blunt rides with courtney) in it. I literally feel like a piece of me has died, as dramatic as it sounds.  

My classes are going pretty well. This semester will be tough though, I can already tell.  But, I'm making friends in a few of my classes.  Mostly guys, which is really exciting for me, since i've only ever had a handful of guy friends.  I still don't know exactly what i'd like to do with my major.  I either want to major in graphic design and minor in communications, or vice versa.  My concentration in communications would probably be public relations.  Who knows what i'll do. 

In further news, Sasha, Sam, and I have started a band.  The name of the band is "Okapi."  Sasha named it after some odd animal indigenous to the plains of africa.  It has the head of a giraffe, the torso of a horse, and the ass and legs of a zebra.  It's rather odd looking.  Ultimately, it's a member of the giraffe family.  Google it.  Anyway, I really think the band might work out.  All of us seem to have a pretty solid "background" in music.  We were all in our high school marching bands.  I played the drums for six year,  Sasha has played the guitar for a while, and Sam the piano.  Therefore, Sasha is the guitarist, Sam is the keyboardist, and I am the percussionist.  All of us will sing, but I think it will be Sasha that dominates that part of the band, with Sam and I mostly singing backup and harmonies.  We already have one song in the works called "Midnight morals."  The three of us have gotten pretty close lately.  

That's pretty much it. 

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